Ultrarunner, aventure intérieure

... au bout de soi-même! sité dédié à la course de 6 jours !

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Ultrarunners dans le monde 27/01

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Phursday Phunnies! Ultra Runner vs. Ironman!
par Stuart

Kinda safe for work…try not to let your coffee come out of your nose!
Quadrathon - http://quadrathon.blogspot.com/
Iron man vs Ultra runner
par Gowan
Ultra Runner vs Iron Man Created by James Adams, a Serpie ultrarunner with a way with words.
Pharmacy Forum UK - http://www.pharmacy-forum.co.uk/content/
The Road [A Multi-Sport Blog]: The Hot & Hunky Endurance Athlete ...
par Patrick Mahoney
Dean Karnazes | Ultra-Runner. It's been said that Dean is the Fabio of ultra- running... Mark Foster | Swimmer This chiseled Brit is no stranger to going shirtless... Craig Alexander | Triathlete Fast and furious from the land down under ...

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Ultrarunners dans le monde 26/01

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Ironman vs Ultrarunner
par Running and living
RUNNING, TRI-ING AND LIVING - http://runningliving.blogspot.com/
(Trail) Ultrarunner of the Year? | old-runner.com
par Richard Hefner
(Trail) Ultrarunner of the Year? Posted by Richard Hefner on January 26th, 2011. Ben Nephew, an elite trail runner and ultramarathoner from New England, raises ( and takes a stand on) difficult questions regarding the hot … ...
old-runner.com - http://old-runner.com/
Nicola Gildersleeve: Ultra Runner/Personal Trainer: A Lemony Delight!
par Nicola Gildersleeve
Ultra Running has given me so many amazing memories. It has allowed me to really discover myself and what I am made of. Through running, I have traveled to some of the most beautiful destinations I have ever seen and made a lot of great ...
Nicola Gildersleeve: Ultra Runner/Per... - http://ngildersleeve.blogspot.com/
Man Running around the World Travels Through Potter County | Coudy ...
par admin
Tony Managan, an Irish ultra runner, is running around the world to promote Mental Health Awareness and acceptance. David Brooks from the Potter County.
Coudy News - http://coudynews.com/
1,4,3 Go: Run the Miles. Share the Love. « runningpinoy
par dhenztm
david on Ultra Runner Running Barefoot … dhenztm on XTERRA Philippines “Pang Rave… Lee on XTERRA Philippines “Pang Rave… Markin Gomez on Lucky 9 at Cebu Marathon · dhenztm on Rediscovering Quezon Memo… ...
runningpinoy - http://runningpinoy.wordpress.com/
Conquering the Downs
par Jacob
I also found a short blog post on the subject by elite ultrarunner (and 2010 Jemez 50 mile winner) Nick Clark: Tips for Downhill Running · How to Train for a Downhill Marathon · Downhill Running training thoughts.
Santa Fe Trail Runner - http://santafetrailrunner.blogspot.com/

... vieux cerveau durant ces 24 heures pour tenter de me rappeler les noms des courses des années passées et retravailler mon histoire orale d'ultra runner. ...


Téléchargement gratuit du documentaire:"Sur les pistes de l'Ultramarathon F4 - Cameroun"

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En avant première, merci à l'association Valeurs d'Afrique qui nous offre une version gratuite du futur documentaire de l'ultramarathon solidaire et culturel F4 dans les les montagnes de l'Ouest du Cameroun.

Valeurs d'Afrique nous a précisé que

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Ultrarunners dans le monde 23/01

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Frayed Laces: Ultrarunner vs. Ironman
par Frayed Laces
Ultrarunner to Ironman: "It (your heart rate) is probably so low because your heart has stopped pumping blood to your brain since you let your satellite watch and training speadsheet make all your decisions for you anyway." ...
Frayed Laces - http://frayedlaces.blogspot.com/
Ultra Runner Vs. Ironman | Trifuel
par Anton
Ultra Runner Vs. Ironman. Anton's picture. Posts. 4907. Member. 2151 days. started by Anton on January 23, 2011. http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/8279147/. This is so...spot on! "Take chances. Make mistakes. Get Messy." ...

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