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... au bout de soi-même! sité dédié à la course de 6 jours !

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Ultrarunner Ultrarunners dans le monde au quotidien Ultrarunners dans le monde 07/02

Ultrarunners dans le monde 07/02

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Trail Bug Racing: Ultra Runner vs Ironman...
par Wile E Coyote
Oh the great debate continues in this entertaining video with some great shots from both sides...but I'll award this bout to the Ultra Runner quite easily http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuBw39uCT4Q&feature=player_embedded ...
Trail Bug Racing - http://trailbugracing.blogspot.com/
Serge Girard, vivre libre et courir - C4N
Serge Girard, l'Ultra-Runner a parcouru en 1 an la distance incroyable de 27011, 88 km soit l'équivalent de 640 marathons en 365 jours sans un jour de pause à travers toute l'Europe, accompagné de sa femme et d'une équipe de suiveurs ...
C4N - http://www.come4news.com/
I like it when my legs feel tired: More miles
par Tiffany Guerra
I'm also an ultrarunner. This blog is a collection of ultra-related experiences, discoveries, races, and learnings, on the trail and beyond, as I learn more about the world of ultrarunning, and how it both fits with and compliments my ...
I like it when my legs feel tired - http://tiffany-guerra.blogspot.com/
Ian Sharman's Pacers/Crew Report on his Rocky Raccoon 100 Win
par Guest Writer
[Elite women's ultrarunner and nutritionist Meredith Terranova and her husband Paul paced and crewed Ian Sharman during his course record breaking 12:44:35. Meredith shares her perspective on the effort below. ...
iRunFar.com - http://www.irunfar.com/
FITBOMB: This Mudder Not Tough Enough?
par fbomb
As ultrarunner Steven Tursi wrote, Tough Mudder and its ilk can't hold a candle to the Death Race. Even without reckless driving and booby traps, the Death Race sounds fun, don't you think? at 10:19 PM. Tags: adventure racing, CrossFit, ...
FITBOMB - http://www.fitbomb.com/
Re-earning my Cankles
par Katie Kift
I know the term 'Kiwi' makes no sense to anyone - I would like to say it's in reference to a friend who is a Ultra-runner and his shorts, but that probably isn't any more of an explanation. In fact, re-reading that back - it sounded a ...
Ramblings on Barefoot Running,... - http://barefootkatiek.blogspot.com/
WTF: The Wildwood Trail Fatass
par Teri S.
I was an ultrarunner. I could hit that wall of fatigue and fight my way through it. I could keep my legs moving when they were begging me to stop. The doubts I have had since Seattle cracked a little. ...
(Long) Road to Paradise - http://longroadtoparadise.blogspot.com/
PR FITNESS: "The Runner in Winter"
par Chris
Check out this ten minute film featuring elite ultrarunner Anton Krupicka. Tony is very much a minimalist runner with impeccable running form and one of the best ultramarathon runners around. Anyone else ready for a snowy trail run? ...
PR FITNESS - http://prfitnessblog.blogspot.com/

Téléchargement gratuit du documentaire:"Sur les pistes de l ...
En avant première merci à l'association Valeurs d'Afrique nous offre un court- métrage de 20 minutes du futur documentaire de l'ultramarathon solidaire et ...



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