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Ultrarunner Ultrarunners dans le monde au quotidien Ultrarunners dans le monde 03/01

Ultrarunners dans le monde 03/01

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An Ultra Runner's Blog: Suunto t3c Heart Rate Monitor Review - 4 ...
par Will
An Ultra Runner's Blog. A chronicle of my path to run ultras and other mind altering events. January 2, 2011. Suunto t3c Heart Rate Monitor Review - 4 Things to Know. "Black Move". Ok, I admit, I've been a Polar heart rate monitor (HRM) ...
An Ultra Runner's Blog - http://runlonger.blogspot.com/
An Ultra Runner's Blog: Suunto t3c Heart Rate Monitor Review – 4 ...
par zxbzb582
Ok, I admit, I've been a Polar heart rate monitor (HRM) purist for more than 20 years. I've owned dozens of Polar HRMs, so many that I've started to discard them like old socks. Well, now it's time to try out some new socks.
Heart Rate Monitors - http://8thai.com/heartratemonitors/
2010 - My year's personal review — Brian Fitzsimons - UltraRunner ...
par Brian
In brief 2010 had more hits than misses for me. It was a year I'll look back on as a welcome change in direction and for all good reasons. Following on from a disastrous 2009 personally and it only felt like things could look up. ...
Brian Fitzsimons - UltraRunner,... - http://www.brianfitzsimons.com/
par Mr Brightside
Apparently ultra runners run in this very same place. Apparently you have to be insane to be an ultra runner (which explains why I am thinking of doing it one day). We all had sunstroke and managed half a day at Disney and 2 days of ...
IDEALISTS ARE SIMPLY MISUNDERSTOOD... - http://mrbright-side.blogspot.com/
TRIals and tribulations: Constant forward motion, my thoughts on ...
par Jen G.
The ultra runner and the world class mountain climbers have much in common with the way they approach the task at hand and accomplish the mission. I can only experience this on a small scale on days like today when my 14 mile run on a ...
TRIals and tribulations - http://whirlwindtriathlete.blogspot.com/
Tony Mangan running through the USA
par admin
Tony Mangan running through the USA. Irish ultra runner, Tony Mangan has got off to a brilliant start with his run around the World and has now completed just over 2500kms in 56 days on the road. That works out over a marathon a day! ...
Ultra Legends - http://www.ultralegends.com/
The King Of Pain by Mark Anderson
par Forrest
He won some events but didn't like the feel of biking so he switched to ultra running. Three months later, still with no real Ultra Race experience, he took on the 160 km race called the Yukon Arctic Ultra and dominated by finishing 4 ...
CW Outdoor Ed Readings - http://cwoeread.blogspot.com/
December 27th - January 2nd and Some Monthly/Yearly Numbers
par Jacob Rydman
Looking back on 2010, this was a year in which I gave up focusing on road-racing /track and became a trail/ultra-runner. I don't have to tell you that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I've never felt more free and have ...
Climbing Mountains - http://jacobrydman.blogspot.com/
Texas Trail Runner Chick: Holiday Derail
par Jen Evans
Jen Evans: I am 40-something ultra runner who enjoys most outdoor activities with my husband, Bruce. That being said, trail running is definately the favorite, followed by mountain biking...we may even try a little adventure racing. ...
Texas Trail Runner Chick - http://texastrailrunnerchick.blogspot.com/
Racing Junk
par Admin
Chile Viggiano, a fellow ultrarunner, hostility minimum, and the friend is a demonstration. Made a few of us in the trip last year and had a terrible experience! I would like to recommend it! We again have a large group making the ...
T2me2.com - http://www.t2me2.com/


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Alertes google extrem running - Accueil Ultrarunner
Ultrarunner Alertes Google quotiennes extrem running ... 1, Alertes google extrem running 02/01 mots clefs:Ultrarunner, Administrator ...


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